Decrease injuries & improve performance with one powerful tool.

Decrease injuries & improve performance with one powerful tool.

Your entire care team
is on track with you.

Oplete makes it easier than ever for highly trained healthcare providers to quickly see athlete
issues and work with coaches and trainers to prevent injuries and improve performance.


Start by creating a provider account then add as many athletes and trainers to your Oplete Group as you need.


Create a custom workout routine to test athletes and find areas for imporvment or injury prevention.


Follow progress as athletes become stronger and faster or alter training for better progress results.

All that power right
in your pocket

Start an account and add athletes

Getting started is super easy. Contact our team and we will help setup a sports program and get unique codes for your trainers, therapists, and athletes to connect to.

Monitor athletes progress with test

We help you setup unique test to monitor speed, jump hight, agility and much more. A coach or trainer can upload video of each athletes test to their account where it will get shared between athlete, coach, and healthcare provider.

Track progress measure growth

Once athletes have completed a test, view that data 24/7 and start focusing on relevant exercises or workout programs to fill better help that athlete stay injury free.

Retest to find what works

After some training see the progress with past tests as the athlete continues to improve. Test as frequently as needed and get real quantifiable results from your training programs and make adjustments as needed to get the athlete performance required.

Built for creating a serious impact on athlete health

Oplete leverages the best healthcare and training networks in the community with relavent data to help athletes stay on the field and out of surgery.

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For Athletes
By Athletes

Oplete was developed by a diverse team of engineers, trainers, physical therapist, and orthopedic surgeons. Everyone on our team cares about building a better system that keeps players where they should be, in the game.

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